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A short story coming soon about auto loans OKC & car loans in OKC,  in May of 2019

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A short story about Autotrader OKC

I remember the days when I couldn't wait for the the AutoTrader OKC magazine to come out. Buying 11 spots in the magazine putting them in there and waiting on people to call. I bet if you had an old Auto Trader OKC magazine it might be worth something! Today you Google "Autotrader OKC" or "Used cars for sale OKC" and the world of cars is at your fingertips.  Now you can Google used cars under 1000,  used cars okc under 2000, used suv for sale OKC, used cars OKC under 3000, autotrader okc trucks or used cars OKC under 5000 and wallah, you've got hundreds or thousands to choose from...In our world it's used 300 down car lots, used cars okc, low down payment cars, or used cars okc under 10000. That's where most of our prices land. We carry about 150 units at our. used car dealerships in OKC. About 22% of our inventory is $10,000 to $15,000 and rarely ever goes over $15,000.  So if your in need of a car loans okc and need a place to finance your used cars in OKC, come see us. We participate in not pulling credit for our auto loans okc.  Now there is even an AutoTrader Buy Here Pay Here OKC sight for you to shop by down payment. Amazing how far we've come in 16 years since Autotrader discontinued the magazine and went online only!! Now, it's GOOGLE GOOGLE GOOGLE!

Why Buy Here Pay Here OKC

The world of Google says we should blog

The landscape of buy here pay here OKC has changed a lot over the past 29 years.  Back then payments were really low, the price of cars brand new was no where near what they are today and people valued their credit more than they need to today.  
At I-35 Credit Auto we've tried to keep payments really low around $300-450 per month or $150-225 bi-weekly.. 
Down payments used to be 1/2 the price of the car and you could pay off in 18-25 months. 
Today is seems most dealers want $1,000 to $2,500 down. Not us!
We've tried to keep it reasonable with down payments starting at $135 for persons with steady residence of 3.5+ years and job of 3.5+ years with approved credit. Just about anyone can get approved with $500 down and a couple months job and residence time with our lender. Our vehicles may not be the newest in town, but they come with a FREE 12,000 mile warranty, and that's why on average with a $500 down payment you can have your car loan paid off in about 28-36 months with us. 
As far as your credit goes, enjoy our  buy here pay here no credit check program! And we report to credit to help rebuild your credit! Our motto is "We're providing reliable transportation to and from work, to and from school and where ever life takes you on the weekend" Today it seems a lot of people are getting stuck in a lot newer models than what they need and payments A LOT higher than what they can afford.  "yes" you can afford those for 9-10 months out of the year, but when holidays come, ice storms come and you miss work or kids get sick and you have to stay home form work because the schools won't take them or even worse, you get sick and can't go in, or a close friend or family member passed and you need to take a few personal days off to lay them to rest.... All of these and many other reasons cause hard working folks to not be able to make payments every month from time to time. Our lender JC Centurion understands that and has the ability to defer up to 2 payments per year for hardship. Just show them the proof and it's done. They don't finance the car to get a few payments and get the car back, they want to finance every car to you, your friends, your family and co-workers from now on and ride through the dips when life gets hard. When it does just get to hard to make payments, simply return the car to the car store @ I-35 Credit Auto with the key and enjoy our no garnishment guarantee. That's right our lender will not pursue you for the remaining balance like a lot of the other buy here pay here dealers do! We service buy here pay here Edmond, buy here pay here OKC & buy here pay here Oklahoma with car loans on used cars OKC.  Find our used car loan calculator on our site under financing and call or text today for car loans with no credit and here about our best auto loans. You can find us on autotrader okc under the buy here pay here search engine on their site.
Come see why some call us the best buy here pay here okc dealer and why we have a 4.8 ***** 5 star rating with Google and enjoy the difference.
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Used Cars OKC @ Used Car Dealerships in OKC

Used Cars OKC. Today there are a lot of used car dealerships in OKC. Wasn't very long ago when you couldn't find used cars in OKC. Just a few decades ago used cars were considered junk like an old refrigerator! Today we are financing 30,000 to 210,000 mile used cars in OKC like they are brand new. They run so much longer if you will just change the struts, control arms, shocks, rotate the tires and keep them aligned! 123

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